Current Rates & Pricing

Prices updated 1/20/15. Our prices are subject to change at anytime. Please call (360) 466-4905 to confirm current rates.

Haul Out Rates

All sizes subject to special blocking & handling charges if applicable.

  Round trip Haul Out (includes blocking) Haul & Hang (No Blocking, 1 hr. or less)
Zero to 50 ft. $7.00 per ft. $4.75 per ft. (min $100.00)
51 ft. to 60 ft. $9.00 per ft. $5.50 per ft.
61 ft. to 70 ft. $12.50 per ft. $6.00 per ft.
Over 70 ft. Call for quote Call for quote
Chine / Rail Carpet Guards $100.00
Pressure Washing $3.00 ft. (Scraping, if necessary, will be billed at hourly rate - $85.00/hour)
Ground Cover Charge (All 2-way haul outs & pressure wash) $40.00
Environmental Compliance Fee (All 2-way haul outs & pressure washes) $35.00
Trailer on-load/off-load $5.25 per ft. (includes 1/2 hr. labor only)


Subject to inspection. Includes haul out, pressure wash, blocking, paint & labor - standard prep & labor includes 15 minutes scraping. Additional prep work or labor will be billed at standard rate. Heavy displacement vessels require extra paint/labor. PPG-Ameron/Devoe.

  Single Coat Two Coats
Zero to 50 ft. $30.00 per ft. $40.00 per ft.
51 ft. to 60 ft. $40.00 per ft. $50.00 per ft.
61 ft. to 70 ft. $44.00 per ft. $56.00 per ft.
New Vessel Applications
Call for Quote
Please note: Bottom paint package rates unchanged since 2007

Clean & Wax

Services available. Please call for quote.

Hourly Labor Rates

Preferred Customer Hourly Labor Rate $85.00
Fiberglass/Paint Specialist $90.00
Forklift w/Operator (1/2 hr. minimum) $95.00
Sling-Lift w/ Operator (1/2 hr. minimum)
(Tenders, if needed, billed at hourly rate)
DISPOSAL FEE (company dumpster use and/or Haz Mat/EPA disposal) $25 - $150

Short-Term Storage (Less than 3 Months)

Lay day charges begin the day after haul out and end the day before launch. Owners working on their own vessels MUST read & sign the “YARD POLICIES” before commencing work.

Laytime & Owner-Performed Work Laytime

$1.50 per ft per day
Electricity, Ladder or Compressed Air $5.00 per day

Subcontractor at Owner’s Request (must meet requirements, ie. insurance - charge in addition to Subcontractor rate charged to Owner.)

$10.00 hr.

Long Term Storage

Three (3) months storage & all haul out charges due on arrival. Account(s) must be current prior to launch. "No Cash, No Splash". All equipment (dinghies, supplies, etc.) must be stored on the vessel. Nothing may be stored under the hull. REBLOCKING/ADJUSTING OF STANDS MAY ONLY BE DONE BY LATITUDE PERSONNEL. Please lock gate for weekend or after hour entry - obtain code in Office.

Storage Rate $5.50 per ft per month
Electricity (for lights only) $30.00 per month

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